September 23, 2017

1.10 Escape in the Night

Lord Agonin,

I know there are formalities that come with writing a letter, but I’ve long since forgotten them, please forgive me. I used to be so much more well versed in the art of proper conversation; my mind is simply not the same anymore. 

I’m not sure if it will ever be the same, either.
While your compliments to me flatter me, I must say it’s difficult to feel strong when I cannot even remember my life before the monster.
I can’t even remember my family’s names.
Minus one, but I don’t think I could ever forget him.

Forgive me for cutting to the chase but I heard you were the one who slayed the monster - is this true? Stein has told me little about you, but I’ll be honest to say I’ve not asked much until recently.
Wrapping my head around gods at all seems nearly impossible.
Don’t even get me started on buttons. No one here seems to know what a button is for! They tell me to press these buttons like that’s even possible… buttons hold clothes together! 

Then they stare at me like I’m a simpleton, the nerves of them!
I suppose I shouldn’t be so informal. I am writing to a god after all.
Your letter reads so… normal. It’s hard to describe. I’ve apparently met many gods already - there was one who didn’t speak, yet he changed COLORS! 

There was a woman with no manners that orders everyone around like whipping-boys - yet another thing people are unaware of in this age.

Then… there was one I couldn’t describe. He… he felt like Zachurr did, yet he was not. Does that make any sense? 

No, I suppose it doesn’t. You’re a god, so I imagine many things make more sense to you than they might to me.
I’ve lost track of myself again, haven’t I?
Letters are supposed to be straight to the point. I wonder if I was ever good at that before? I have… pieces of my life from before. I get jolting dreams of simple moments in my life. 

All of this feels quite like a dream, truthfully.
Your letter was the first thing that actually felt real. I’d been lying in this white room for so long I feel like it’s stolen a part of my soul. 

It feels as though I’m just now waking up to what my life has become. I have no idea how long I’ve been in here, nor have I cared to ask anyone. I’ve been walking like a plague victim, half-alive with a foot in the grave. Part of me wonders how I’ve carried on for as long as I have. 

I poke my head outside the door and it seems like this world is falling apart. Yet I cannot fathom going back to my state of awareness I had before.
I’ve been living in squalor.
I feel invigorated to start again and I’m trying to use this energy to benefit me.

I want nothing more than to spit in Zachurr’s face for all he’s caused me.
I know I’m far lower in society than I used to be… and far lower in the society ruled by gods, but you should know that I admire you greatly.
Not only did you conquer the monster - you have also conquered the demons that he left behind, something that I am still struggling with.

Then on top of all of that, you woke me from my own stupor that held me frozen.
I could ask you a million little questions, yet none come to mind.
It’s likely not proper anyways.
Stein seems to hold you in high regards, enough so that he’s been poking his head in and breathing down my neck every other sentence. 

Though I’m beginning to think it has nothing to do with this letter.
I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. 

Well, for more than that - for giving me hope.
I will be forever in your debt.

Yours truly,

- S.


It was the middle of the night when Soliana was jolted awake, panic filling her and she nearly screamed as a hand covered her mouth.

Stein looked over his shoulder nervously, and he whispered an answer before she could even ask. “We need to leave here… now.” 

“Why?” She wanted to demand to know; she was so tired of being left in the dark all of the time.
Stein closed his eyes with a combination of annoyance and frustration which only made Soliana clench her fists. “Please… I can explain later. It’s not safe here, we need to leave.” 

Soliana opened her mouth to protest once more when Stein stopped her.
“Look, I know I’m not giving you any information right now, there’s no time. Please just, for this once, trust me. I’m not trying to trick you, I promise.” 

She had so many questions, yet she swallowed them and nodded quietly.
Stein may be a pain in her side, yet he had never lied to her. She pulled herself out of bed and he handed her some clothing that she gawked at briefly. 

He made a face at her, mouthing ‘trust me, please’ as he went back to minding the doorway with nervous eyes. “We need to be in Aurora Skies by sunup and we can’t use magic to get out of here.”
Soliana looked at him nervously as she debated whether or not she could even change with him in the room. “Is someone going to hurt us?” 

When Stein didn’t turn around to answer she swiftly threw her wretched clothes off, yet she paused with confusion as she tried to figure the new clothing articles out. “... Stein how… how do I wear these?” 

“I can help you, but I need to be able to turn around to do so.” Stein whispered back, still facing the door.
“Absolutely not-” She had begun.
He cut her off. “Listen, we don’t have much time. I’ve seen women naked before, Soliana. I’m a scientist and despite what you may think, I’m not here to get into your bed. Surely you’ve had people assist you in getting dressed before?” 

Soliana bit her cheeks carefully, that seemed right. She fussed a bit more with the fabric before sighing and having to relent. “Ok, you can turn to help me, but I swear by all of your gods that if you-” 

Stein held up his hands as he faced the door. “I assure you, Sol, my only intention is saving our lives. Can I turn around?”
She hesitated before finally sighing. “Yes, you may.”

He whipped around and she noticed a slight hesitation before he shook his head and went to work helping her dress. 

“Why do you wear such infernal things?” She breathed as he helped seal her into the strange fabric. 

“You think this is bad, you should see some of the fashion trends women get into.” Stein smirked slightly as he did up some of the last pieces of the infuriating clothing. “We can talk more about that later when we get somewhere out of dodge and away from here… let’s go!” 

With that, they gathered the few things that were hers and took off into the hallway.


Stein had stopped and put a hat on her before they had moved through populated areas of the place that was once her second prison. 

After cycling through several hallways and passages they came to a set of doors that burst into something that held her stunned as the doors vanished behind them. 
Stein continued moving forward, his hands fumbling with something in a bottle of some variety, and all Soliana could do was stand frozen in the cool night air. 

She had forgotten how beautiful the stars were. 

The sound of rushing water filled her ears - familiar sounds, yet foreign too. The sky was ablaze with colors dancing across it in ways she had never seen before. It was truly a magical experience. 

A positive magical experience. “Where are we, Stein?”
Stein had been muttering to himself when he looked up at her. After a moment of contemplation he looked up at the sky too. “The outskirts of Aurora Skies.”
Soliana put her gaze back to the stars. “It’s beautiful.” 

“Yeah…” He breathed in response. “It is.”


  1. oh noooooooooooo
    Stein nooooo
    You caNT
    You got no chance with her, you gunna end up heart broken

    Sol is really so adorable, poor thing finally sees the stars.
    I'm so curious though like WHAT'S GOING ON

    1. Lol now you see why I was flopping around when I wrote this... nearly a month ago (shifty looks around) I SWEAR I'll get better at this commenting jazz.
      STEIN WHY?

      As for what's going on, I have no idea. This writer is nuts.

  2. Replies
      What are we noing?
      Heh. ;)

  3. Hello Mrs Flanagan! (You can post a photo denying it, but we all know it to be true)
    Congratulations! (Even though this is really late.)
    And now on to the actual comment:
    I love the letter format at the start, it was a good way of getting her feelings down whilst remaining in third person, and I liked how you did the pictures of what she was writing about too, and then changed to Agonin thinking about it and that was amazing. (Being very coherent aren't I?
    Stein's dodgy black hoodie XD
    Thank goodness for the shoulder.
    And WHAT is happening there?!
    Okay, maybe Stein is an astrologist and just really likes the outside world?
    And he's put up with her being such a useless wet blanket for ages, so how could he like her?
    But then the only other woman he comes in to contact with is Irena, so, actually I see where he's coming from...
    Sorry, Stein, you need to meet some new women, Ana's with Jack. There are lots of female scientists for you to hopelessly love in Aurora Skies already...
    Hopefully he's not that desperate as to kidnap her. Please.
    And he helped dress her, he knows she's not an it.
    He just reallly, reallly likes the stars.

    1. Why hello there, it's been a while since I'd heard from you!
      I find it ironic you picked Mrs. Flanagan of all last names to give me XD My husband hates Quinn. Says Quinn has a nice "punch-able face" (his words). Thank you so much though! That means a lot to me. I'm MARRIED now. XD

      Letter format was a challenge, so I'm glad you liked it. I struggled hard to come up with a good selection of pictures for it. So far you're entirely coherent. 10/10 would read this comment again and understand it. ;)
      Lol doesn't Stein come across so sketchy in this chapter, I find this amusing. Perhaps we're due for a Stein PoV?

      Lol I'm so glad I'm not the only one swimming in the denial river right now. The water is warm, the weather is fine, and Stein is SO not in love with Soliana. Like NO that's ridiculous.
      Lol calling Sol a wet blanket, I totally get what you're saying, I do. I'm very sure Stein has reasons for being so doe-eyed at the end there. Surely.
      .... surely?
      Guess we'll find out next chapter, assuming this writer ever gets her rump in gear and does something with her life (shakes cane at writer).